About Dream Finder


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Dream Finder is a fantasy/Action feature film that is currently in Pre-Production.  Set in a world where Serenstad is locked in a cold war with warlike Bethlarii, countless wars and battles have raged between the two peoples, but under the firm but fair rule of Duke Ibris,  Serenstad has been at peace with Bethlarii for 10 years, all be it a tenuous peace.

But just over the northern mountains live the nomadic warrior tribes, where something is brewing that could bring the whole region into chaos.


Dream Finder is based on The book written by Roger Taylor, published in 1992 it is still available today in both standard physical format and e book format.


Dream Finder is available from Mushroom publishing and also Amazon


Roger Taylor has written several books including the Chronicles of Hawklan, which are set in the same world as Dream Finder and also contain a few of characters that feature in the Dream Finder story.